Careers with Charity Window Cleaning

Looking for a career in window cleaning? The following positions are available:

Window Cleaning: 

  • Crew Lead
  • Crew Member

Power Washing:

  • Crew Lead
  • Crew Member

“Are you a HARD worker who wants to be APPRECIATED for your CONTRIBUTION?? Are you the kind of person that NEVER calls in sick, and wants to be a part of an exciting team? Sick of trading precious time for nothing more than a crappy paycheck? You just might be in the right place…

Before you run to the phone and demand we give you a job, check out the requirements. We are only looking for:

–Team players with GREAT attitudes– that’s all we hire and why this is such a great place to work

–People with good transportation,

–Drug-free, felony free, and legal to work in the good ol US of A

–Team members who see the value in and enjoy serving others

–Hard workers willing to learn the window cleaning business and get their hands dirty

Enough about us- let’s talk about YOU:

–ABOVE average pay for ABOVE average effort!

–You wanna work hard and play hard- HAVE FUN at work

–Recognition and APPRECIATION for HARD work and a FANTASTIC ATTITUDE

Our core values are:


If this is you then you don’t want to miss this opportunity and we don’t want to miss out on YOU!

Salary: $18-$22/hr after training.

Charity Window Cleaning is expanding! We have several opportunities for the 2023 season

If all of the following statements are true then we want to hear from you:

–You are a happy person.

–You dislike egos and “tough guy (or girl)” mentalities.

–You like puppies.

–REALLY hard physical work doesn’t scare you.

–Heights don’t scare you. We work with ladders most days

–You want a career that has a future and room for advancement.

–You want to make enough money in 9 months to take 3 months off.

–You’re teachable AND coachable.

If ANY of the following statements are true then we DO NOT want to hear from you:

–You are an UN-Happy person.

–You hate puppies.

–REALLY hard work makes you cry.

–You have a fear of heights.

–You have attitude/negativity/ego problems.

–Do drugs, or are a big partier.

–You look like a serial killer.

Here is what this career is:

You will start as a service technician with the goal of quickly becoming a crew manager.

Once you are competent as a service technician you will be trained to be a crew lead and trained to manage and train other team members. You will be trained to properly drive a van and trailer, clean the exterior of houses, clean windows and blinds, and safely clean gutters and supervise others.

You’ll learn our culture, job site safety, customer interaction, how to upsell and get an overview of our entire system and processes. Our training is designed to help you excel and move up in our company quickly.

If you don’t call you won’t be considered for the position. Are you the one we want to hire next?

P.S.S. We have over 1400 clients.

P.S.S.S. We provide our clients with the Best Service Anywhere.

P.S.S.S.S. We take care of our staff. They are family.

P.S.S.S.S.S. This is a ridiculous amount of P.S.’s

(Must be able to lift over 90 lbs. easily and be able to carry ladders safely. Must not be afraid of heights and should be comfortable on roofs.)

((We love men, women, short, tall, black, white, and everything in between. If YOU are the right person it will not be because of your age, race, or gender! :))

Must be able to pass a background check

Job Type: Full-time

Truck/Uniforms/Cleaning Tools provided

Required experience: Continuous Job Stability: 1 year

Required license or certification: Driver’s License

How to Apply:

Please send your resume to