6 Questions You Should Ask a Window Cleaner

Ask Any Window Cleaner These 6 Questions To Ensure You Don’t Get Ripped Off or Victimized By Deceptive Practices

Are you properly insured?

Them: 4 out of 5 window cleaners aren’t insured and don’t carry workman’s compensation on their employees. Many window cleaners are nothing more than a truck and a squeegee. When they’re not insured any injury or damage becomes your legal responsibility. 

Charity Window Cleaning: We have both liability and workman’s compensation insurance for our employees. We do business right so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re not liable.  

Are there additional fees?

Them: Our competitors will often quote a low price on the phone but once they arrive, they tack on fees for hard water removal, cleaning your tracks and screens, or ladder work. These deceptive practices leave you with a final bill that is much higher than the original quote. 

Charity Window Cleaning: We offer a great price without hidden costs. Removing hard-water spots, disassembling and cleaning the tracks, cleaning the screens, and ladder work are all INCLUDED in our original price. There are no additional fees, so you know exactly what the price will be before we start. 

What exactly are you cleaning?

Them: All window cleaners are glass cleaners. They will clean the windows, and wipe down the frame, and some also will wipe down the window track—but generally for an additional fee. 

Charity Window Cleaning: One of the things that makes us unique is that we clean the ENTIRE window. Not only do we clean the window and the screens, but we also take apart the tracks to clean them too. A clean track will extend the life of your window because it slides easier, and can prevent cracking the the seal on the window. We clean the entire window so that your window investment lasts longer. 

What do you use to clean the windows?

Them: Window cleaners use some kind of solution, such as dish soap, to clean the windows. This leaves a residue on the glass that attracts dirt like a magnet. This process means that you must clean the windows more often (and spend more money) to keep them looking good. Your windows will look good, until their brake lights leave your driveway.

Charity Window Cleaning: Our unique process uses no cleaning solution so dirt isn’t attracted to the window surface. As a result, your windows stay cleaner longer. 

How long will my window stay clean?

Them: Because they are using some kind of solution to clean the windows, they window will become dirty again in a short period of time. This is often between 14-30 days before the windows need to be cleaned again. They may ask you to sign a cleaning contract to come out every month to clean your windows. 

Charity Window Cleaning: Our unique M3 Cleaning technology does not leave a sticky film on the window for dirt to cling to. Because of our unique process, your windows stay clean for 60-90 days. In many cases we clean the windows of our customers only 2-3 times per year. This means you save a substantial amount of money over a monthly cleaning contract fee. 

Do you guarantee your work?

Them:  Our competitors are all over the board on this one. The majority of them don’t have any guarantee. Others will have some kind of guarantee, but they charge you a prorated amount to come back out. In short, they won’t stand behind their work because they know your windows will quickly get dirty again. 

Charity Window Cleaning: We offer an unconditional 30-day guarantee on the exterior of your windows. If they are dirty for any reason, we will come to clean them at no cost. We also offer an additional 30-day warranty where we will come clean them again at a reduced price. Our industry-leading 60-day warranty gives you clean windows that you can count on. 

These are the questions that you should be asking any window cleaner to avoid risk and the deceptive practices that are used on people that don’t know what they should be asking. 

You now know what to ask.

May we show you what makes us different?

  1. We have a simple, straight-forward pricing method. 
  2. We clean the entire window. 
  3. Our M3 cleaning technology keeps your window clean 3 times longer. 

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