60-Day Window Cleaning Guarantee – Only One Of Its Kind In the USA!!!

World-leading 60-Day Window Cleaning Guarantee

Our 60-Day Window Cleaning Guarantee, it’s the only one of its kind In the USA!!!. Some people claim that our guarantee is nothing but a gimmick. I can assure you it’s anything but that,  and if you’ve talked to any of our customers they’ll tell you how much they appreciate knowing they have a guarantee like ours.

Our 60-day window cleaning guarantee is this simple:

For the first 30 days, our guarantee is pretty much unconditional. We guarantee if your windows for any reason get dirty: whether it be from the weather, a bird bombs it, the pest control guy comes out and sprays your windows, or the kids in the neighborhood just had a water balloon fight and they mess up your front windows; ruining your front picture bay windows and destroying your beautiful view of the mountains. Just give us a call in the first 30 days and we’ll come back and touch up your windows for free.

The backend 30 days of this guarantee is only a weather guarantee and it’s half price. This gives you a total of 60 days of clean windows guaranteed. Very simple and upfront.  Now Compare that to our competitor’s satisfaction-only guarantee or their 3-day rain guarantee.

One time a customer called me and she was all disappointed, you could tell she had grief in her voice when she said “Jesse, the pest control guy just came out and over-sprayed all of my beautiful windows. How much are you gonna charge me to come out and make them beautiful again?” I just answered her and said you’re still under warranty, then we cleaned them again for free.

The only two things we can’t guarantee:

First, we can’t guarantee against sprinkler timers that go off every morning. We have a standing joke that if that were to guarantee in this case we would have to move in, and you would have to feed us breakfast every morning because we’re going to clean your windows every morning before we leave off work. Of course, everyone laughs. The 2nd thing that we can’t guarantee against, is if you have no rain gutters and the water runs off the roof straight down into landscaping without any type of grass or vegetation. The water splashes straight into the mud, then the mud splashes up onto the glass of the windows. Both of these scenarios are not covered under our guarantee.

Save money with windows that stay cleaner longer.

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